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N for Names

My Great Keepsake began as a hobby for owner Chris Rawson. He had been researching his family tree for the last 30 years and would talk to anyone that would listen about the interesting bits he found over the years. The home office was home to census records, birth, death and marriage certificates. He has old photos (some yet to be documented) and will travel even now, to cemeteries to visit those he never met but would love to have spoken with. Chris is enchanted by stories of the past. He realized long ago that the past relates to the present. Those who came before us paved the way for us, sometimes literally.

 If you ever wondered about the meaning of your last name, where your family lived or what they did, you may find that the history of your surname may answer some of the questions about your ancestry from hundreds of years ago.

 Now, not everyone is a genealogist. This is why My Great Keepsake offers products that help make a connection to the past and quite often become family heirlooms.

Over time, Chris has added many other personalized prints. His newest product is personalized books. He was over the moon with them after purchasing them for his granddaughters.

 Throughout the years Chris has traveled to genealogy trade shows throughout New England. In addition to Surname Histories, he has added “N For Names”. Here you will find first name meanings, offering the characteristics and traits of names on prints intended for keepsakes.

 My Great Keepsake is a small, Veteran owned business where the big idea is finding that perfect gift for someone you care about. Whatever the occasion, we have a gift for you. We offer instant downloads, quality prints and beautiful personalized books.